Table 5: Accounts and advice given regarding reports of biting fungus gnats

"High numbers of adult flies result in many nuisance complaints by the public and workers. Some office workers have even complained that these flies were biting people. Fungus gnats do not bite people; they don't have the mouthparts that would enable them to bite."

"Has anyone been bitten by these little fungus gnats and had a pimple like sore appear? "

"We have been bitten by gnats for weeks now. We have a lot of plants in a small office area. The "plant lady" put little yellow stickies in them to see if the plants might be the source. When she returned to check them she found fungus gnats and sprayed the plants."

"please can you tell me if fungus gnats bite. I was told that was what I have in my home they are terrorizing my family. they bite us and we cant see them we sprayed and the ones that was in the window seal we sent to a lab. they said thats what they were. how can I get them out of my clothing and my home please help me."

"I have a gnat problem at the moment, and vinegar and dish soap seem to be working, but it appears that a lot of the gnats have taken up residence in my dogs fur. She has them all over her, and I have tried gnat shampoo and everything, but they just won't seem to die. How can I get them off my dog, and prevent them from biting her and sucking her blood? "

"I am using a bread knife to try rid my house of those darn gnats! I got four just this morning but they just keep coming - they are relentless! I think I might buy a sword on my lunch break - They'll regret feasting on me! "

"please help. they are really bad in my daughters window in her room and i noticed her with little bites on her legs. I want to get this problem solved. "

"Last night I got itchy after sparying the plants in the veg room and it went away after I showered. Today I got itchy after spending some time in the veg room when I released the lady bugs. Could this be baby gnats that are invisible to the eye? "
Identify the Gnat +rep for help - Marijuana Growing

"I've been plauged with invisible biting bugs for the past 3 months. The exterminator has come and diagnosed the problem as small 1/8th inch biting gnats from my over-watered plants. "
Entomology (Study of Bugs): biting invisible gnats, insect population, potted plants

"Fungus gnats bite. This is a very common complaint, and entirely false. Whenever fungus gnats are seen, people complain of insect bites, which they assume are caused by the gnats. Whilst fungus gnats are irritating, especially as they tend to fly at head height, they are incapable of biting human skin. Adult fungus gnats have very simple mouth parts that are only suitable for supping a little liquid and grazing on soft algae.
The causes of the ‘bites’ that people complain of might be small burns caused by static electricity, bites from other insects (such as fleas or ticks) or may be completely delusory." (page 3)

"I have TONS of the little flying bugs shown in the picture below in my apartment, though, and strangely enough, I often find them in my bed. Does anyone have any idea what they could be? I know it looks big in the picture, but in reality, it's probably about 3 or 4 mm long. I'm secretly hoping that I can blame them for the bites on my legs, but I have a a feeling this is just a shot in the dark."
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